Nefeli Guesthouse
Traditional Guesthouse
Paleos Panteleimon
Pieria, Greece

  Tel.: 0030.23520.412.28  
  Mob.: 0030.6974.701.007  
  Fax.: 0030.23520.224.59  

  Accommodation Facilities:
  Ενδείκνυται για χειμερινές διακοπές Θέρμανση Τζάκι TV Ψυγείο Μπάνιο Στεγνωτήρας μαλλιών
  Δεκτά τα κατοικίδια κατόπιν συνεννόησης Θέα Κήπος

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Τουριστικός Οδηγός Ελλάδος. Διαμονή. Κατάλογος καταλυμάτων, παραδοσιακών ξενοδοχείων, παραδοσιακών ξενώνων, ενοικιαζομένων δωματίων, διαμερισμάτων
Language: Ελληνικά English

The traditional Nephele Guesthouse has 8 rooms consisting of 24 beds.

In the traditional apartments of Nephele, the traveler can cook food, watch TV and enjoy an afternoon coffee at the lovely balcony overlooking the deep blue Aegean Sea.

Also, the guesthouse has central heating and fireplace, while pets are accepted after consultation with the owners of accommodation.

Apartments Facilities

Balcony with table and chairs
Spectacular views

The traditional Nephele Guesthouse has tried to give all the love and passion on offering the necessary amenities for a unique stay to those who will choose it for their holidays.

All we have to wish you is to have a nice trip and a pleasant stay!



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